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Providing automotive excellence since 2004, Extreme Performance has become one of South Florida’s finest aftermarket shops. EP is comprised of three harmonious divisions: performance, mobile electronics, and our recently expanded custom paint shop individually titled Extreme Paint Shop. Our comprehensive list of specialties includes performance upgrades, suspension modifications, wheel/tire fitments, mobile electronics including award-winning audio, and paint/body for custom projects and high-end restorations. Coming from a wide variety of facets within the automotive industry, our staff—affectionately titled Team-X—has the talent and innate skill to complete any project that comes our way. Here at EP, we believe in working as a team and allowing everyone’s unique specialties to shine. As such, our divisions work in unison to complete both simple upgrades and the most elaborate builds.

Stuart, Florida

Our Facility

Palm City, Florida was home to Extreme Performance for nearly 17 years but in 2021, a brand-new state-of-the-art facility moved us the short distance into Stuart. EP’s new home is furnished with top-of-the-line equipment from Hunter, Rotary Lifts, ShopBot CNC, Universal Laser, and USI Italia paint systems. Our performance division houses 6 Rotary 2-post lifts, 1 extended length Hunter 4-post lift working in tandem with our Hunter HawkEye Elite aligner, 2 Hunter Auto34R tire mounting machines which work alongside a Hunter Road Force Elite balancer and a Hunter HD ForceMatch balancer for oversized and heavy-duty applications. Our audio division makes regular use of our Shopbot CNC router and Universal laser allowing for precisely fabricated enclosures and artistically crafted plaques and panels that add unique finishing touches to our builds. And it is our paint and body division—individually titled Extreme Paint Shop—that is home to our industry leading paint equipment from USI Italia including their Chronotech Ultimate spray booth, mix room and prep station. With industry leading knowledge, equipment, and talent, we take pride in offering our clients a vast variety of services and superior quality under one roof. So, whether you want to customize your car, truck, boat, or other off-road toy, we have the knowledge and expertise to execute even the most extravagant builds.

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  • Our performance division handles all things mechanical here at EP. Although our roots are firmly planted in the truck market, EP’s performance side has evolved over the past decade and a half to include all facets of the industry. On any given day, you may see this bay filled with lifted trucks, purpose built work trucks, muscle cars, hot rods, Jeeps, or most anything in between. The diversity that comes through the shop is managed by a team with equally diverse backgrounds and specialties.
  • Despite the diversity often seen within our performance bays, the “bread and butter” for this division includes modifications such as lift kits, lowering kits, wheel/tire upgrades, supercharger kits, accessories such as power side steps & bed covers, and general maintenance. To ensure the best result and maximum efficiency, our performance division works hand-in-hand with the mobile electronics team for all installs requiring wiring. Whether it’s a simple Amp Research step install or something more complex, our performance team handles the physical install then our wiring experts take over to supply the power. Here at EP our crew is known as “Team X” and down to our core values, we believe working as a team provides the best service and end result to each and every customer.
  • List of services includes (but is not limited to):
    • Suspension leveling kits, lift kits & lowering kits
    • Helper air bags for towing
    • Performance brake upgrades
    • Cold air intakes & exhaust systems
    • Handheld performance tuners
    • General maintenance & repair items
    • Alignments
    • Wheel & tire packages
    • Air horns
    • Utility accessories: side steps, bed covers, tool boxes, cargo management, hitches, etc.
    • Body accessories: fender flares, body-armor, bumpers, brush guards, grilles, etc. with in-house color matching available.

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Audio & Mobile Electronics

  • Our mobile electronics department has a vast array of capabilities. At the core is a strong passion for music and the proper reproduction of it within a vehicle. Many of our systems include sophisticated digital signal processors tuned specifically for your individual preferences and exact seating position within the vehicle. Much like a custom dyno tune for your vehicle’s performance, this method of tuning extracts far more of your equipment’s potential than otherwise possible and gives an audio experience not otherwise obtainable. Besides audio, our mobile electronics department is also recognized for upgrades such as built-in radar detection and laser jamming suites, lighting—both functional and accent, enhanced security systems, collision avoidance devices, and rear seat multimedia systems… just to name a few.
  • Proper fit and finish is a top priority for us and our high standards are met through skill and machinery. Our fabrication abilities start with an eye for detail and come to life through the use of our CNC machine and Universal laser. These tools combined with our techs’ abilities to integrate into increasingly complex electrical, data, and audio wiring allows us get music and other mobile electronic upgrades into your vehicle in ways that can improve your driving experience while retaining a factory fit and finish.
  • In the interest of optimum performance and efficiency, the wiring portion of all installs is completed within this department. And that includes products installed on the “performance” side, such as power side steps, winches, air compression/management, etc. To ensure maximum reliability, electrical connections at Extreme Performance are soldered, proper gauge wiring is considered for each job at hand and Ohm’s Law is followed for all audio installs. The heightened procedures we follow allow us to warranty consumer level electrical installations for life to the original client.
  • Whether your project is a “simple job”, or much larger in scale, we start with assessing what you are wanting accomplish, factor in how you use the vehicle and what challenges it presents; from there, we come up with a solution to bring your vision to reality—function dictates form! We see a lot of the same makes and models come through but what we do with each individual vehicle varies to reflect personal interests and goals. So when you’re ready to start your next electrically involved project, our mobile electronics department has a solution to fit every need.
  • List of services includes (but is not limited to):
    • Advanced digital signal processor (DSP) audio tuning
    • Custom subwoofer enclosures
    • Custom fabrication via fiberglass, CNC, laser, & more
    • Sound dampening, as part of a full audio package, or for a quieter ride
    • Radar detectors and laser countermeasures
    • Marine audio
    • Interior & exterior accent lighting
    • “Safety lighting” for security, survey, arborist & other vehicles
    • Off-road/auxiliary lighting
    • Lighting & audio for golf carts & other UTVs
    • Backup, side view, & front view camera integration
    • Blind-spot detection systems
    • Security & remote start systems, including smartphone integration & tracking

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  • Our paint division—individually titled Extreme Paint Shop—is a fully equipped paint and body shop specializing in high-end restorations, exotic car repair, metal fabrication, & custom accessory paint work such as chrome deletes and color matching. Following suit with our other divisions, quality here is never compromised and these superior standards require industry leading equipment and materials for proper
    execution. To meet the high expectations of our crew and our clients alike, we turned to Axalta’s Chroma Premier paint line and mixing station. This system allows us to mix our paint in house which provides countless advantages for completing the custom builds that populate this department. To ascend this department to all new heights, we’ve expanded into a new state-of-the-art facility—adjacent to our main location—furnished with equipment from world’s leader paint booth manufacturer USI Italia.
  • While we label this division “paint and body” that designation does little to accurately describe the full scope of work completed by these members of Team X. Full, high-end restoration projects are the backbone of this division and require hundreds of hours of skilled labor and the upmost attention to proper technique to ensure superior quality and longevity. These types of projects can range from full frame-off, rotisserie level
    builds to factory-level fit and finish restorations depending on the client’s vision and ultimate use of the vehicle.
  • Collaborating with our other divisions, accessory paintwork is another facet of work occurring within Extreme Paint Shop. Work of this type includes just about anything our clients desire to set their vehicle apart from the crowd: color-matching, chrome deletes, smoothing & painting plastic panels, accent coloring, custom badges/emblems, painting of suspension components, etc. We often find that even a small amount of paintwork can go a long way in achieving a custom look that makes a build truly unique.
  • A large variety of custom fabrication also occurs under this roof. Metal shaping in many forms and for many reasons, is a regular undertaking for these members of Team X.  Not only is metal working a standard initial step in the restoration process for a lot of vehicles, these members of Team X are also responsible for fabrication projects such as custom exhaust systems and sheet metal panels for our hotrod clientele.
  • List of services includes (but is not limited to):
    • High-end restorations
    • Custom hotrod builds
    • General paint & body (excluding collision repair)
    • Custom exhaust systems
    • Chrome deletes (painting exterior chrome trim)
    • Misc. accessory color matching & accent painting: lift kits,bumpers, fender flares, badges/emblems, etc.
    • Corrective paint detailing & ceramic paint protection

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