extreme customization


Our mobile electronics department has a vast array of capabilities. At the core is a strong passion for music and the proper reproduction of it within a vehicle. Many of our systems include sophisticated digital signal processors tuned specifically for your individual preferences and exact seating position within the vehicle. Much like a custom dyno tune for your vehicle’s performance, this method of tuning extracts far more of your equipment’s potential than otherwise possible and gives an audio experience not otherwise obtainable. Besides audio, our mobile electronics department is also recognized for upgrades such as built-in radar detection and laser jamming suites, lighting—both functional and accent, enhanced security systems, collision avoidance devices, and rear seat multimedia systems… just to name a few.


Proper fit and finish is a top priority for us and our high standards are met through skill and machinery. Our fabrication abilities start with an eye for detail and come to life through the use of our CNC machine and Universal laser. These tools combined with our techs’ abilities to integrate into increasingly complex electrical, data, and audio wiring allows us get music and other mobile electronic upgrades into your vehicle in ways that can improve your driving experience while retaining a factory fit and finish.


In the interest of optimum performance and efficiency, the wiring portion of all installs is completed within this department. And that includes products installed on the “performance” side, such as power side steps, winches, air compression/management, etc. To ensure maximum reliability, electrical connections at Extreme Performance are soldered, proper gauge wiring is considered for each job at hand and Ohm’s Law is followed for all audio installs. The heightened procedures we follow allow us to warranty consumer level electrical installations for life to the original client. 


Whether your project is a “simple job”, or much larger in scale, we start with assessing what you are wanting accomplish, factor in how you use the vehicle and what challenges it presents; from there, we come up with a solution to bring your vision to reality—function dictates form! We see a lot of the same makes and models come through but what we do with each individual vehicle varies to reflect personal interests and goals. So when you’re ready to start your next electrically involved project, our mobile electronics department has a solution to fit every need.

Services include, but are not limited to:


Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) audio tuning

Acoustic treatment, as part of an audio package or just for a quieter ride

Custom fabrication via fiberglass, CNC, laser, and more

Installed radar detectors and laser countermeasures

Custom subwoofer enclosures

Marine audio


Interior and exterior accent lighting

“Safety lighting” for security, survey, arborist and other vehicles

Off-road/auxiliary lighting

Golf cart/side by side lighting and audio

safety & security

Backup, side view, and front view camera integration

Blindspot detection systems

Security and remote start systems, including smartphone integration and tracking