extreme customization


Our performance division handles all things mechanical here at EP. Although our roots are firmly planted in the truck market, EP’s performance side has evolved over the past decade and a half to include all facets of the industry. On any given day, you may see this bay filled with lifted trucks, work trucks, muscle cars, hot rods, Jeeps, or most anything in between. The diversity that comes through the shop is managed by a team with equally diverse backgrounds and specialties.


The “bread and butter” for our performance division includes modifications such as lift kits, lowering kits, wheel & tire upgrades, accessories (such as power side steps & bed covers), supercharger kits, maintenance items, and much more. To ensure the best result and maximum efficiency, our performance division works hand-in-hand with the mobile electronics team for all installs requiring wiring. Whether it’s a simple Amp Research step install or something more complex, our performance team handles the physical install then our wiring experts take over to supply the power. Here at EP our crew is known as “Team X” and down to our core values, we believe working as a team provides the best service and end result to each and every customer.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Suspension, Steering, & Misc. Powertrain Upgrades:

Lift kits

Lowering kits

Helper air bags for towing

Performance brake upgrades

Maintenance items



Wheels & tires

Side steps including powered steps

Bed covers and cargo management

Bumpers including optional upgrades such as a winch and/or lighting

Fender flares and “body armor”



Air horns

Performance Enhancers

Supercharger kits

Performance programmers

Cold air intakes

Exhaust systems

Lift pumps